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My career

Michele Romani and Mauro Saccani, both born near Milan in 1970, studied at the I.S.A. of Monza and in 1998 graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano.

In 1999 they started working together and  founded their Associate Study in Arcore, where they cooperate as freelancers with some other studies from Milan hinterland.

Totally committed to the field of  Product Design, now they work with many companies in the lighting and furniture fields as well as they develop interior projects for private clients.

Every new design project comes from a strong idea, a specific creative synthesis act between fantasy and reality and is a challenge to the severity of the customs.

The “simpliest” and immediate this idea is,  the most successful will be the project:
the “simple” as a form of elegance and refusal for excess and vulgarity, and the ability to communicate a sense of balance.

Since 1999 they are ordinary members of the “Industrial Design Association” in Milan.

In 2003/04  they were selected by the Italian Design on Tour, I. DoT with the product Boomerang of LINFA Design.

Moreover, they were selected in 2006/07 with I. DoT products Diadema of Vetreria VISTOSI and Ark of Acerbis International.

The mention of ADI Design Index in 2006, introductory to the XXI edition of the Golden Compass Award, with the selection of the collection DIADEMA produced  by Vetreria VISTOSI, is the most prestigious award in terms of appreciation of  the quality of their work.

Some of their concepts have been published in magazines such as:

Domus, Abitare, Interni King-size, Ottagono, CasAmica annex Corriere della Sera, Design Diffusion News, GD’A, Bravacasa, Box.

Morosini Projects