Pank Collection

Definitely a peculiar cut.

A simple oblique cut on a cylindrical structure.

This is Pank. An essential idea, but able to summarize and concentrate all creativity and brilliance of lighting design.

Pank is dynamism.

Thanks to its particular line, the lamp structure changes depending on the point of view, transmitting movement to all furniture.

Pank is inspiration.

The multiple sizes and color combinations, with their contrasts between inside and outside, are an invitation to play with colors and with furniture.They allow also the lamp to adapt easily to the modern and young style, to the most elegant and classic one.

Pank is versatility.

The wide range of versions allows the collection to be the perfect solution for different needs of space and home furnishing as well as lighting. The light beam can be adjusted according to the needs of light or atmosphere.

Pank is excellence.

The choice of materials, including tht weave evident fabric, as well as manifacturing care, testify the attention to  quality and sensorial experience, that represent the distinctive sign of Morosini brand.


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