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"My career"

Filippo Mambretti was born in Como on 21st February 1981.

He attended “B. Luini” Artistic High Scool in Cantù (CO). During the High School’s years, he met Bruno Munari, and, due to this experience, Filippo started looking into design.

Afterwards, he registered to Politecnico di Milano, where he obtained two degrees (Furnishings design and Furniture design).

During the last year in Politecnico, Filippo started his professional activity working in Italo Rota’s office for a short period of time. Afterwards, he cooperated with Francesco Murano in both MayDayDesign and Spheradesign offices.

In 2008, he created MakiStyle office, so that he could attempt to innovate design as much as possible, revolutioning communications and projectings. Nonetheless, he left the office in 2010 and, in 2011, he joined SpheraDesign’s staff as a working partner.

Teacher and professional in the field of product design and interior design winner of numerous design awards including, Infiniti Design Contest 2011, Castelli Design Contest 2012 and Autoprogettazione 2.0.

Currently, in addition to devote himself to teaching at the SSS_AA, the CSIA and the Polytechnic of Milan, heads the design studio Mambro Design Studio based in Chiasso, active in Switzerland and throughout Europe, thanks to the lively collaboration with various entities industrial product design and architectural design.

He is graduating as head of training at the IUFPP.

” The design is nothing more than a mirror of society for which it is developed, and then we designers , we design the means of consumption of the future trying to do with aesthetics and intelligence , to increase the value of experiential , aesthetic and functional of products, linking them to the lifestyle and the modern perception of the company trying to broaden the perception of aesthetic feeling , merging it with the technological and functional innovations that describe human evolution . My vision is a fusion of modern design balanced aesthetics , function, technology and emotion. “

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