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My career

Fabio Damiani and Marco Quistini founded StudioPANG in October 2012, from the common idea that by combining different passions and skills, the approach to design is enriched with new ideas and perspectives.

Design, architecture and communication as areas of comparison rather than a project.

  • German Design Award, 2021 Special Mention [Project: Wu Lounge]
  • Big See, 2020 Wood Design Award [Project: Wu Sideboard]
  • Ambienta, 2019 Press Choice for the Best Design [Project: Wu Lounge]
  • Young & Design, 2018 First Prize [Project: Cellula]
StudioPANG is a laboratory in constant research and development of ideas and projects.

An open and dynamic environment that involves different experiences to give life to a multifaceted, versatile and constantly evolving professional reality.

Morosini Projects