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My career

Tiziano Maffione was born in 1982 in Montebelluna. He has been inquired and interested in construction and creative objects all along, he graduated in Industrial Design and he got a master in Product Design in 2010 at IUAV, University of Architecture of Venice.

During his period of study, most of his teachers were well-known italian designer, such as Tobia Scarpa, Marco Zito, Marco Ferreri, Odoardo Fioravanti, Alberto Meda, Aldo Cibic, Artemio Croatto, Paolo Lomazzi, Franco Clivio, Alberto Bassi and, thanks to their help, he could gain a high level preparation, which ranges from graphic to industrial design, from study of materials to photography and from cinema to development of models.

During his master, he has became fond of biomimicry, ecological compatibility, environmental and social sustainability and consequently he designed a solar fridge to conserve food and medicines for underdeveloped nations.

Moreover, his interests in graphic, photography and design of lighting products grew while he was working as freelancer.

He designed two types of internal lamps for Fabian Illuminazione and he worked with Giopato & Coombes for two years, where he dealt with interior design, graphic and lighting.

For many years he has worked in the field of motoring, taking care of the image of Giorgio Sernagiotto, a famous pilot, and on other different projects.

Nowadays, he collaborates with his brother to develop new ideas about interaction design and in the field of makers’ open source.

His experience and his knowledges allow him to be suitable in many sectors, thanks to his ability to mix technologies, techniques and several approaches, often used in his projects.

Morosini Projects