Gadora Collection

Ultimate style and refinement in every detail.

Elegance does not like to appear. It loves to be present. Always.
It does not have to express itself, even those who have never known it, recognize it immediately. Elegance is taste brought to perfection. Elegance goes beyond luxury, forms and time. But it knows only one way to live: with style.


Transmit the excellence of Made in Italy , in the field of aesthetics and craftsmanship.Match the elegance of the artistic work of Murano to the sophisticated design of Morosini.
Offer an exclusive and original interpretation of the classic style.


The particular characteristic of pendant lamps allows, in addition to the methods described in the catalog, the installation with different heights and the possibility to create compositions with irregular shapes, diversifying always the final product.
Ideal to add character and uniqueness to the environment, even the biggest.


Sofisticated and formal, unique personality. Gadora is a meeting of many elegances. It combines “rigadin” blown glass with organza lampshades in white, ivory, chrome, burgundy and golden teak colors.
A choice that increases the possible color and estethic combinations with furniture.


Structure: chrome finish
Diffuser: “rigadin” blown glass
Lampshades: Class 1 fire-proof organdie
Colors: white, ivory, chrome, gold, burgundy and golden teak


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